IMG_6404These are the tools of my trade: My Japanese mechanical pencil and German technical pens. They are resting on color reference guides that I use for Zero Gravity characters so that colors are consistent in all strips. By the way, yes, that is a lacquered chopstick which I hold in my left hand while inking to keep the paper as flat as possible.

IMG_6402Here I am penciling. I prefer to use the thinnest, cheapest notebook paper I can find, as it’s easier to see through for tracings and revisions. I make good use of my mechanical eraser too!

IMG_6475Now you can see me at my light table. Notice how I use the chopstick in my left paw to hold down the paper. This is a phony, staged photo, so the light isn’t on, but I think you get the idea here.

IMG_6487Finally, I am at my computer. I scanned the inked drawing, and used Photoshop software to manipulate it by adding color, resizing and cleaning up the image and adding dialog bubbles. You might notice that I have a lot of reference materials on the shelves covering that wall. I can’t get enough books!